Sunday, 8 February 2015

This week in Grade 5....

Hi All,

Students have completed presenting their speeches this past week.  We had two students move on to the school competition, where they did a great job representing our class!  In math, we are continuing with our measurement unit.  We are still working on converting measurements involving centimetres, metres, and kilometres, but we are also introducing perimeter, area, and volume as well.  Students will be conducting hands-on activities in math this week, ideally outside if the weather permits it.  In French, we are continuing with our "Au restaurant" unit.  Students will be receiving a rubric and outline for their "French Menu" assignment on Tuesday.  Students are encouraged to continue practicing their French at home, incorporating new words and phrases we have studied in class.  In Social Studies, we will be learning about the War of 1812 this week, and continue to examine the positive and negative effects of interactions between First Nation groups and early European explorers.

As we've had a good dumping of snow the past few days, we will begin constructing our outdoor survival structure, a quincy.  We've been reading a lot of books that deal with the outdoors and survival, and I promised the students we would try and build one once we had enough snow.  If it's at all possible, we are hoping some students can bring in a snowshovel, preferably plastic, that we can use to speed up the building process.  We'll be working on this throughout the week, depending on the weather.

À la prochaine,
Mr. Lang

Monday, 26 January 2015

Class Update

We've been pretty busy in class since the Christmas Break.  Students are busy working on their speeches, which they will be presenting to the class starting next week.  We will select two students to represent our class in the school competition, which occurs on February 6. 

In math class, we have wrapped up our algebra unit and we are starting to work on measurement and unit conversion.

In French, we are working hard on our "Au Restaurant" unit.  Students are busy role-playing and practicing asking and responding to questions as servers, hosts, and patrons.  Ask your student to identify utensils and items found on a kitchen table, and have them ask questions in French.  We are also busy preparing for our French Cafe........ details to follow.

Finally, there have been some e-mail problems and for some reason I'm not receiving some emails that have been sent to me.  If you need to get in touch with me, please call me at the school or send a note with your child, just to ensure I get it. 

Thanks very much,
Mr. Lang

Field Trip Update

Hello Parents,
Just want to let everyone know the money previously paid for the Nordic Highlands trip will be re-applied to a Field Trip to the Ontario Science Centre which will take place in April or May.  Exact costs have yet to be determined, but we will advise parents of prices and possible refunds once we have a confirmed date and price for buses. 

Mr. Lang

Friday, 19 December 2014

Hi All,

Just a quick message to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Break and to say "Thank-You" for all the gifts and cards I've received! A reminder that students have two assignments due early in January. The "Chambre de mes reves" assignment is due January 8th and the Social Studies Inquiry Project is due January 16th. 

Hope everyone has a great Holiday break!!
Mr. Lang

Thursday, 4 December 2014

I'm away today so the math test will be taking place tomorrow morning, as well as the dictee quiz! Students informed me the same word was posted twice on the blog so it has been updated as well.  The students were able to earn their 15 points, so we will be having our movie afternoon tomorrow.  If you choose, you may send a treat with your student to share with the class.

The rubric and outline for our Social Studies Inquiry Project will be sent home tomorrow, it's not due until after the Christmas Break, but students have had computer time this past week, and will continue to have computer and class time to work on it prior to the Christmas Break.

Mr. Lang

Monday, 1 December 2014


Hi Parents,
The words for dictee #9 have been posted below.  The quiz will take place on Friday.  The students also have a math test on Thursday - the test will be on reading data from a graph and making conclusions.  They will also be expected to calculate mode, mean, and median from data and create a line graph.  The students are also working towards having a movie party on Friday.  We will be watching the movie version of "Hatchet", which is the novel we just finished reading.  The students have earned 4 points (they started off with 11 today), and their goal is to reach 15 before Friday.  Check the blog for updates. 

Mr. Lang 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dictee #9

Dictee #9

1. un ange          2. une chandelle       3. une carte de Noël

4. le jour de
Noël      5. la veille de Noël       6. Joyeux Noël

7. le jour de l'An       8. un renne      9. un jouet       10. une